Beats by Dre

Dr Dre has a new set of head sets out. For those in the need of something big… and flashy. These are 24  carat gold-plated magnificence made by the  company Crystal Rocked.  Children of the revolution only 50  of these will be made, ten of which will be sold exclusively in Harrods London.

Price: 2.500 Dollars.


Shooting Companion.

Just the thing one needs for the fashionably stroll in the park. Designed by Viscount Linley Son of the late Princess Margaret. As you can surmise this little drinking accessory , holds all that one, can need for a little bit of indulgence.

Price  A little over 4.000Euros.

Source: lostinasupermarket

Montante Maserati 8CTF

From the people that brought you the Masarati, they have decided to team up with Montante Cicli to produce this bike, in tribute to the legendary Maserati 8CTF.

Only 200 of these bikes will be produced each will have a number and the name of the buyer. They can only be bought at the Maserati and Montante Cicli dealerships.

Source : Sybarites

Bentley/Astor & Black

Well Bentley and the  suit firm Astor & Black have teamed up in a way that harps back to a time gone by. Astor & Black will provide you with a custom made suit free of charge if you drive out of the showroom with a new Bentley. Only applies If you happen to reside in the States or Canada.

I took the time out  tocheck out their wares , I must admit I would be  by the tailors a long time until they were able to make something worthy of the name tailor made. They seemed a bit lacking in the creative department. Maybe that is why the offer is limited to North America. Just saying.

(Then again unless a gun was involved I would not be driving out of the show room with a new Bentley)

Source: Luxist

The Benarrow PB5

What started out as a dream became a reality when Mr Bernd Benninghoven, in celebrating his companys 100th birthday, decided he would like to mark the occasion by making his dream sports car. ( as that is what one does)

This feat was developed at the University of Coventry,then manufactured in Englang and Germany. The  Benarrow the PB 5 is based on the Audi S5

I will not get into the spec as I have no idea what I am talking about. They have already sold three and plan on making 2 per month.

I would like to add that this car shows you what a good old fashioned hand job can produce these days.

Price: Well over 200,000 Euros

Boucheron Femme 2010.

Okay now Boucheron together with Baccarat, have teamed up to produce this eye popping fragrance. It is not just the fragrance which has ‚ hints of amber, mandarin and Italian bergamot, galbanum and basil, finished with a pulp of apricots and golden vanilla.‘

( Got to love those descriptions, as I am sure only Patrick Süskind would be able to tell if the description above was correct.) I’m still concentrating on the bottle, I’m sure I could wear it. Which by the way is made up  of a ring eighteen karat gold worth, and features forty diamonds and twenty four sapphires.

Price Not a clue.

Source: sybarites

Lamborghini Yacht.

lovely little water play thingy, concept, designed by Italian designer Mauro Lecchi, who collaborated with Lamborghini’s own designers on the concept.

The interior includes a full beam owner room with bath and separate shower, and a guest bedroom with bathroom in the bow. They are looking for buyers.

Source : James list (blog).

Mark Evans.


„I don’t do brushes, I can’t paint……. I just play with knives“.

Mark Evans. Wonderful work, makes one wish for those days of artisans who would be able to craft such exquisite handmade works. He is commissioned all over the world, however latley he is in Russia a lot. (world recession, what’s that?). That above by the way is wall paper. Carved out of leather.

Source: Luxo.

Christian Lacroix.


Take a bow, the night is over / This masquerade is getting older / Lights are low, the curtains down / There’s no one here / There’s no one here, …

That video from Madame comes to mind upon hearing the  news that Christian Lacroix is over . Gone now are the days of frivolous, opulence. The likes of which Miss Thurn und Taxis would have delivered to NY in a hermetically sealed Louis Vuitton trunk.

Ahh,  the good old days, now Miss Taxis has turned into a librarian, albeit in Channel. Where is the loyalty today?

Hard times are all around as Lacroix never made any money during his gig run. The ladies are now gathering their beads, and lace in search of a new home. The company that gave it, it’s backing in the ME, ME, ME, decade. LVMH, said at the time that they wanted to create a brand and did not care about the loss.

Why cant I meet such people? Well they sold the company, to Falic Fashion Group, LLC, and they put it into administration.(which means this cash cow is gone, bitch).

Music in the background Frau Ciccone. Video after the jump.

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