Windows 8 .

Microsoft has introduced a new operating system. The goal is to incorporate all platforms Surface, (tablet) PC’s and Windows phone 8. this advertisement  shows the simplicity in learning and using the the new system. Watch the video after the jump it is excellent.


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Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft  introduced Surface to the world.What else do you need. this baby has a pop of colour. Works as a tablet and full windows 8 machine. There is also the option of the RT model which will be more along the lines of the competition. I like the idea of being able to have the keyboard as a cover.

Pricing is not yet available. Watch video after the jump

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Nokia Lumia 900

Well it has dropped in America, and by all information out at this moment it is doing very well. the reviews seem to be solid. The  Nokia Lumia has only 16GB storage, 512 MB RAM, but  should be more than adequate as you get 25G’s Storage on Skydrive.

Other than that  this is the phone I have been waiting for. For full spec’s here. Video after the jump.

Update: Coming to O2  Germany 2nd week in May 2012

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HTC Beats by Dr Dre.

HTC has partnered with Beats by Dr Dre buying 51 % stakes in the company. Reason being they could sell their mobile devices with premium headphones. That means they can be used as headphones and headset for calls. FAB.

This baby is wireless. (I don’t know about you but I have never understood why my cable looks like the spaghetti junction after being in my purse).

More details to come soon.

As some creature stole my other ones I will have to get these to accompany my Phone upgrade the HTC Titan (review coming soon)

Source : htcinside

Samsung Galaxy Note.

Yes that is a stylus that you see there. As we all know by now sometimes it would be good to just jot down a note or highlight something. The Galaxy Note is between a tablet and a smartphone in size.  When I come to think about it I spend more time using my phone on the net than I do phoning. Great for entertainment purposes.

I will wager this will be good for those that travel a lot or commute where a small size screen can start to wear on the eyes.

Highlights: 1.4ghz dual core processor (means damn fast).

5.3 inch screen (we like big things)

8 mega pixel camera

2 mega pixel Front facing camera. For web calls. Now you have to get dressed to answer the phone.

Operating system Android 3.2  known as Honeycomb.

Dunhill Solar Charger

Now this is something we need. I have been in too many places having to drink a beer (not that I am complaining, just explaining) so as to charge my phone. This bad boy designed by Dunhill will charge your mobile device for you as you are on the run using solar power of up to thirty hours.

If there isn’t any sun one can charge it using a USB cable.

source: Sybarites