Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia has introduced in time for the holiday season the Nokia Lumia 920 Running the Microsoft windows 8 operating system. I will say that the phone comes in four colours, red, yellow white and Michelle Obama Grey . See you can match them with your clothes. The phone supports dual core processors and has a 332 ppi pixel density,  which means it is fast and sharp. For full specs. Video after the jump.

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Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft  introduced Surface to the world.What else do you need. this baby has a pop of colour. Works as a tablet and full windows 8 machine. There is also the option of the RT model which will be more along the lines of the competition. I like the idea of being able to have the keyboard as a cover.

Pricing is not yet available. Watch video after the jump

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Nokia Lumia 900

Well it has dropped in America, and by all information out at this moment it is doing very well. the reviews seem to be solid. The  Nokia Lumia has only 16GB storage, 512 MB RAM, but  should be more than adequate as you get 25G’s Storage on Skydrive.

Other than that  this is the phone I have been waiting for. For full spec’s here. Video after the jump.

Update: Coming to O2  Germany 2nd week in May 2012

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HTC Titan.

I am not sure what your feelings are about this however ‚bigger is better‘ seems to be the trend these days in the smartphone arena. I personally like big things, something that you can get a firm grip on, and manipulate it to do things things that you want with some unexpected surprises

The Specs should leave even the most sceptically amongst you drooling.

Just got word from O2 that this baby will be dropping in Germany the end of September which should coincide with the launch in the Netherlands. that is  slated for October 4th.

I will give a full review once I get my manicured fingers on my latest desire.

Video after the jump.

Nokia N9.

Remember Nokia? Well it would seem as if Nokia has upped it’s game. The Nokia N9 I like the magenta one. Will make your phone stand out amongst the plethora of white, black and chrome.

This phone is rumoured to be the same phone that Nokia will import Windows phone 7 operating system also due out in the fall. Which will include the Mango update. Video after the jump.

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UPDATE: If you are looking for this phone in Germany good luck they are sold out. that would be  circa,80,000 sold, in two days.

„HTC is seeing better than expected sales for its Microsoft Windows Phone 7 (WP7) smartphones in Europe and Australia, with the HD7 introduced by O2 in Germany and 7 Mozart by Telestra in Australia selling out of stock already, according to Taiwan-based handset makers.“

They go on sale in the States on Monday let us see if demand will overwhelm the window 7 partners. Which is not a bad thing.

The new Windows mobile  7 is here. This is one of the highlights of the phones that are available. For those that want more info head on over to the link provided and see if this is something that you need. HTC HD7

Kin one and Kin two.

The Kin is targeted at a younger demographic with an emphasis on social communicators. I asked my 14 year old nephew what he thought about the phone and he thinks that it is great and would like to have one now.

 It would seem that this will tap a market that has thus far been incorporated into the mass market.

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Microsoft’s Courier.

The Courier seems to be a bit a smaller than anticipated. these new picture really puts it into perspective It would seem that more work has been done to ensure mobility. rather than only  Windows 7,  it the runs on the same OS as the Zune HD, Pink, and Windows Mobile 7 Series.

The stakes are high, as this year seems to be the explosion of Tablets. I would offer that this would seem to be the gadget of choice. Why? Because you can protect it, it closes on it’s self, less chances of pulling your tablet out of your designer handbag, and it having  a cracked screen. Which in turn means cracked face.

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Video after the jump.

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