Turn on the lights.

Philips has introduced a new form of lighting, using OLED’S (organic light-emitting diode). This interesting use, can be used in the window panels substituting the use for overhead lighting.
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Source:  Dezeen Magazine


Now this is some serious luggage. No longer does one have to worry about skanky towels, and shower gels that remove any oil producing cells that you had. I am not even going to mention that thing in the corner masquerading as moisturizer.

T.T.Trunks have made it possible for you just to wheel your spa with you. That my dear’s is FIERCE.

The Heretic by Autum.

I always thought to my self why would I want a coffin. That is really throwing money away, besides they will dig you up soon and make way for a new mall.

However this is what I call useful. Created from an 18 Gauge, Steel Coffin, and tirelessly hand made by Autum.

This is a sexy sofa, and one which earns the title Urban

Price: circa, 3,300 Euros.

Moet & Chandon Bar Boy

For when you are having that fierce moment, this special edition Moet & Chandon Bar Boy version, ( the original was created by Verner Panton 1963) comes complete with vintage Champagne, leather interior,  specially designed flutes and  can sink the temperature of your Champagne  to 10 degrees in 15 min.

Price, just over 3500 Euros.

Source : Sybarites