Sullivan Frankfurt.

Sullivan Bar is one of my favourite bars in Frankfurt at the moment. Very hushed subtly  stylish. I wanted to try the White Mama (wine), but she was out of stock. They also have a smoking lounge on the second floor complete with pool table (could be billiards I do not have a clue). BLTM was without a doubt one of the best I have tasted in a while. Visit if you want to get away from those people that think they are cool.  Like that horrible Gekko’s bar in the Hilton Frankfurt.

Photo: Ernst Stratmann

Burger Baby.

Tthere is a new burger place in town. Just off Burgerstrasse. I had the pleasure of dropping by, and was pleasantly surprised. If you are looking for the typical 0815 (German slang means unoriginal) Frankfurt bar which is always with aquarium windows,leather chairs and some poor excuse for music, this is thankfully not the place. It is what it is  a BURGER place.

You have your choices of topping, from Avocado to cheddar cheese. For a full list I would suggest you take a look live. Interior is kept simple I know even for me sometimes less is more.

Address : Höhenstraße 24  60385 Frankfurt, Germany   +4969 15343272


Great quaint little cafe in Frankfurt called GUTDING (loose translation good thing). Now this is one of the only places where I can recommend as a  sandwich place in Frankfurt ( He offers other things) .

He being,  Hal the proprietor has created an excellent niche, which could be placed in any metropolis.

Also he does not have that nasty pickle (sauer Gurke) lurking in your sandwich

Address : GUTDING  Sandweg 10 60316 Frankfurt  Tel: 0178 5590995

We love cupcakes.

fankfurt june 086 fankfurt june 090

Lets face it even though I live in Frankfurt one really has to hunt to find things of interest. So after visiting Städel,  ( I was having my cultural moment, well truth be told I was with some students having a beer in the back) I almost missed this little gem. It was the apron in the window and the grandmother curtains that did it for me. Service  FAB, I know I am still in shock, suffice to say, we LOVE cupcakes.

Gartenstrasse 35

60596 Frankfurt

West Germany.

Tel: (0)69 1534 9551

Da Cindy & Nicola.

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Florence let’s face it is gorgeously boring. That big old church in the center is not going to run away. Now in San Giovanni, I was acquainted with a delicious Gourmet shop run by Cindy and Nicola. As I am writing this two things come to mind, SCHIACCIATA, and the GRAN PEZZO. As I can’t speak  Italian I learnt those words really quickly ( google it).

 I will only say Walk, Ski, mountain bike, climb a mountain, swing from a helicopter, let the James Bond in you free, just get there, and partake in their exquisite offerings.

Viale Gramsci, 65 San Giovanni

Tel. +39(0)55.9122096