Imagine a road where the wind powers the lights on the road.  Where the side road has an inductions path allowing you to recharge your car as you drive. studioroosegaarde have created such a system that will start testing in the Netherlands mid 2013. For more information please watch the video after the jump.

Source: www.upworthy.com

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As most of you know I have a big problem with many people attaching the prefix DJ to their name and not be deserving.

In German there is a great name for such individuals schallplattenaufleger (basically someone who really should be sleeping) .

However  this here is one mother of a DJ console. Smithson Martin are a software developing company.With a concentration on DJing. This is their first product, which can be used on any Tablet PC or multi-touch tables  Evoluce comes to mind.

One can buy the software or both software and the multi-touch table as seen in the video following.

Schalplattenaufleger need not apply.

Source: flylyf

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The Emperador Coussin Tourbillon

Piaget will be debuting, this delightful Tourbillon watch at The Salon Internationale de la Haute Horlogerie. which will take place on the 17th- 21st of January in Geneva, Switzerland.

Now if I were to wear this watch I would not have a clue as to what time it is, that would seem besides the point.  Would like to point out that this watch can be worn up to 30 meters below water. Still trying to think why this would matter, unless of course you fell off a yacht.

Expected price: 250.000 Euros.

Manufacture Royale

I came across this watch today which just stopped me in my tracks, however I thought I would do something novel I will just link you to the site of a  Mr. Ariel Adams. There his description is way better than I could have written, to describe this beast  made by Manufacture Royale . Enjoy.

Source Boing Boing

The Benarrow PB5

What started out as a dream became a reality when Mr Bernd Benninghoven, in celebrating his companys 100th birthday, decided he would like to mark the occasion by making his dream sports car. ( as that is what one does)

This feat was developed at the University of Coventry,then manufactured in Englang and Germany. The  Benarrow the PB 5 is based on the Audi S5

I will not get into the spec as I have no idea what I am talking about. They have already sold three and plan on making 2 per month.

I would like to add that this car shows you what a good old fashioned hand job can produce these days.

Price: Well over 200,000 Euros

Panton reworked.

This year being 50 years since the creation of the classic Panton Chair .Jump Studios

were the winners of the competition. Vitra UK launched a campaign to find the best custom design, this is the result.

I personally find it way more interesting than the original.  Maybe because I have never really understood plastic chairs, moreover in Frankfurt any new shop, bar, office that would like to look modern just has to have  at least one Panton Chair. Boring.

Source: lostinasupermarket