Windows 8 .

Microsoft has introduced a new operating system. The goal is to incorporate all platforms Surface, (tablet) PC’s and Windows phone 8. this advertisement  shows the simplicity in learning and using the the new system. Watch the video after the jump it is excellent.


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As most of you know I have a big problem with many people attaching the prefix DJ to their name and not be deserving.

In German there is a great name for such individuals schallplattenaufleger (basically someone who really should be sleeping) .

However  this here is one mother of a DJ console. Smithson Martin are a software developing company.With a concentration on DJing. This is their first product, which can be used on any Tablet PC or multi-touch tables  Evoluce comes to mind.

One can buy the software or both software and the multi-touch table as seen in the video following.

Schalplattenaufleger need not apply.

Source: flylyf

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The Acer Iconia Touchbook.

This kind of reminds me of the Courier that Microsoft were developing until they decided to cancel it. The only problem that I have with all of the tablets that have flooded the market is that they only have the processing power of a good smart phone.

Dual screen no keyboard. FAB. No more dust in between keys.

Anyway this Acer Iconia runs Windows 7 and is packing quite a punch in the specs department.  Watch video, after the jump.

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Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Tablet

This Fujitsu seems to be packing quite the punch, it has: Intel Z670 Oak Trail processor,2 Gigs of RAM,True Multitasking. Front and Rear cameras

Removable battery.Flash support. USB ports. Active Digitizer with handwriting recognition. Fingerprint swipe

HDMI output, 10 hours work time. ( The usual 3G and WiFi).

It will go on sale after CeBit , Hanover Germany, Video after the jump.

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Motorola Atrix 4G

Just when  you thought you had all you can fit into your bag, here comes another gadget hustling for space. Introducing the new Motorola Atrix 4G. Inside, well take a look at the specs. It even has a finger print recognition system. Can I say James Bond

NVIDIA® Tegra 1 GHz dual-core processor, 4.0″ QHD display – 24-bit color graphics, up to 48 GB available memory, fingerprint recognition, Android™ 2.2 (Froyo) OS, Front-facing VGA video camera, 5 MP camera, 9 hours of talk time and it even plays nice with Adobe® Flash®. not sure what it all means, FAST.

The docking station transforms the phone into a laptop.

Source: Buzz-Beast.

Christofle Galet

The thing is that Christmas and my birthday has already passed damn, well LaCie has teamed up with the luxurious  Christofle brand, know for their table ware, notably silverware, to produce this morsel of a gadget.

Capable of storing up to 4GB of info. Encased  in Sterling silver.

Price circa, 100Euros.

Source : Sybarites

Vernetzte Mode

“Unsere Welt hat sich verändert, als Mode aufhörte, ein Vortrag zu sein, und begann, eine Unterhaltung zu werden.” Diese Worte sagte Suzy Menkes per Videobotschaft auf einem Symposium im Rahmen der Modemesse “Premium” in Berlin. Die Stimme der Modekritikerin der britischen Herald Tribune hat in der Branche Gewicht.

Foto Source: Jak&Jil

Ein interessanter Artikel über Modeblogger aus der Frankfurter Rundschau.