Montante Maserati 8CTF

From the people that brought you the Masarati, they have decided to team up with Montante Cicli to produce this bike, in tribute to the legendary Maserati 8CTF.

Only 200 of these bikes will be produced each will have a number and the name of the buyer. They can only be bought at the Maserati and Montante Cicli dealerships.

Source : Sybarites

Hermes Leather Motorbike

There seem to be a lot of people lusting after this chunk of metal encased in Hermes leather throbbing between their legs. Exhibited last week at the 2011 Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne, Germany. Yamaha in collaboration with Hermes produced this one off beast that will I am sure have a lot of heart beats fluttering in it’s wake.

Source: James List

Ross Lovegrove.


New city bikes from the Danish bicycle company Biomega. This one designed by London designer Ross Lovegrove.

Whats interesting , and I don’t have a clue about bikes is that there is an absence of the traditional chain, in it’s place, is a carbon belt.




That hole is designed so as to hang the bike up in tight urban spaces.


Source Dezeen


This is all I could find on this bike  but a link is provided if you would like more info.The bike was originally built by O. Ray Courtney in 1936 and is based on a 1930 K.J Henderson bike.

This is something my friend Dag would say whilst convincing me to get on it, “ it matches you riding boots“ FAB. I do have the outfit.

Source. theawesomer

Storck bike.



Right full length Silver fur, to the ground, bottle green riding pants,riding boots tan. Plaid red and green vest, white shirt,white Ascot. green gloves and that Hermes croc hand bag. It’s not as if I going to ride that bike. I don’t think it would work if I rode side saddle, hmmm I would however be Umweltfreundlich.



Storck bike. Organic light.

Price?  Call while sitting.