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urban society Frankfurt am Main

Valentinas die mobile Kaffeebar

ganz Neu! Ein umgebauter Renault Twizy als Kaffeebar. Tolles Projekt!

Valentinas – die mobile Kaffeebar

urban society Frankfurt am Main

Leica Paul Smith edition.

This is a special edition Leica X2 displaying Paul Smith’s distinctive style. VERY exclusive. There are only 1500 each of which are numbered, lovely. The camera boast 16MP  And comes with Adobe®Photoshop® Lightroom (free download option after camera registration).


urban society Frankfurt am Main

Before the show.

A look behind the scenes of the Mainz  Ballet.

Click link for video

Before the show from hassia on Vimeo.

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urban society Frankfurt am Main

The Emperador Coussin Tourbillon

Piaget will be debuting, this delightful Tourbillon watch at The Salon Internationale de la Haute Horlogerie. which will take place on the 17th- 21st of January in Geneva, Switzerland.

Now if I were to wear this watch I would not have a clue as to what time it is, that would seem besides the point.  Would like to point out that this watch can be worn up to 30 meters below water. Still trying to think why this would matter, unless of course you fell off a yacht.

Expected price: 250.000 Euros.

urban society Frankfurt am Main

Vernetzte Mode

“Unsere Welt hat sich verändert, als Mode aufhörte, ein Vortrag zu sein, und begann, eine Unterhaltung zu werden.” Diese Worte sagte Suzy Menkes per Videobotschaft auf einem Symposium im Rahmen der Modemesse “Premium” in Berlin. Die Stimme der Modekritikerin der britischen Herald Tribune hat in der Branche Gewicht.

Foto Source: Jak&Jil

Ein interessanter Artikel über Modeblogger aus der Frankfurter Rundschau.

urban society Frankfurt am Main


Well the future of computing has arrived.Later this week the Media Computing Group will present BendDesk at the Tag der Informatik 2010.

I will never leave home now.

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urban society Frankfurt am Main

Sandra Ackermann

(die wirklichkeit ist nicht die wahrheit :: 2006)

Miss Ackermann will be presenting her new works in Dusseldorf at the Galerie Voss. The title being ‘I look inside you‘. For those fashion lovers this looks like something that should adorn your walls.

Exhibition: October 15th -November 27 2010

Mühlengasse 3
40213 Duesseldorf, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)211 134982
Fax: +49 (0)211 133400
Tue-Fri 10am – 6.00pm
Sat 11am – 2pm

urban society Frankfurt am Main

ab 18




Vernissage: Mittwoch, 17. November ab 20 h



Valentina Stanojev, Mariola Brillowska, Corinna Mayer, Eva Weingärtner, Anja Czioska, Swetlana Gerner, BIKINIRAMA, Velvet G.Oldmine, Sandip Shah, Stefan Stichler, Nikolaus Nessler, Günter Zehetner, Dirk Baumanns, Jerome North, Hans Petri, Jonathan Penca, Julian Krüger, Christiaan Tonis, Edwin Schäfer, Zachary Kraemer, Giorgio Capogrossi u.a….


Einführung: Olaf Kaestner
Concept: Christoph von Loew & Mirek Macke



Kunstverein Familie Montez

Breite Gasse 24, Frankfurt

urban society Frankfurt am Main

Hermes Leather Motorbike

There seem to be a lot of people lusting after this chunk of metal encased in Hermes leather throbbing between their legs. Exhibited last week at the 2011 Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne, Germany. Yamaha in collaboration with Hermes produced this one off beast that will I am sure have a lot of heart beats fluttering in it’s wake.

Source: James List

urban society Frankfurt am Main