airbus a380.


Right so someone from the Middle East has commissioned  Designq and Case4de to produce this Machine.

Included will be a Turkish bath a spa  an elevator which takes the owner from the private suite down onto the tarmac ( awaiting  Motorcade of course). Five king sized beds, and 20 first class beds, for the other people.  (I guess guest list is out of the question then.)

Source. DailyMail

price 482.million Dollars.

Christian Lacroix.


Take a bow, the night is over / This masquerade is getting older / Lights are low, the curtains down / There’s no one here / There’s no one here, …

That video from Madame comes to mind upon hearing the  news that Christian Lacroix is over . Gone now are the days of frivolous, opulence. The likes of which Miss Thurn und Taxis would have delivered to NY in a hermetically sealed Louis Vuitton trunk.

Ahh,  the good old days, now Miss Taxis has turned into a librarian, albeit in Channel. Where is the loyalty today?

Hard times are all around as Lacroix never made any money during his gig run. The ladies are now gathering their beads, and lace in search of a new home. The company that gave it, it’s backing in the ME, ME, ME, decade. LVMH, said at the time that they wanted to create a brand and did not care about the loss.

Why cant I meet such people? Well they sold the company, to Falic Fashion Group, LLC, and they put it into administration.(which means this cash cow is gone, bitch).

Music in the background Frau Ciccone. Video after the jump.

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