Yamamoto files for bankruptcy.

But my biggest obligation is to keep making world-beating products. I’ll continue to do that until the business is wound up.“ Yohji Yamamoto

The financial crisis claims another victim,Yohji Yamamoto responsible for the 80´s rein of Black, Black, and more Black. Along sides the likes of ,Rei Kawakubo at Comme des Garçons.

Reasons will always be found as to why, the most prevalent being his lack of diversity, and the huge price tag. We will see what is to become an Icon of generations. Stay tuned.

He will still design for Adidas.

Source: Photo, Coutorture hypebeast.com


Bockenheimer Depot


14. Oktober 2009
15. Oktober 2009
16. Oktober 2009
17. Oktober 2009
18. Oktober 2009
19. Oktober 2009

Berlin 1931: Am Tage toben Straßenschlachten zwischen Radikalen, Banken schließen, Zeitungen werden verboten – abends aber blüht noch immer jenes unvergleichlich freizügige Nachtleben, das durch die Vorahnung der Katastrophe höchstens angespornt wird. Und im Zentrum dieses Nachtlebens befindet sich der Kit-Kat-Klub, auf dessen Bühne eine junge Engländerin namens Sally Bowles dem Publikum den Kopf verdreht. In ihren Bann gerät auch Clifford Bradshaw, ein weiterer Fremdling in der Metropole. Auch er ist nach Berlin gekommen, um etwas zu finden, das er nicht genau beschreiben kann. „Cabaret…“ weiterlesen

Tod´s Frankfurt

Update: Below.

So out we were in the Tod´s shop Frankfurt, a well turned out crowd was there, many a handbags, were there that would have looked better on my arm. However I arrived with my designer girl friend Annette Ritter.(she in white and the Hermes ostrich skin hand bag ohh).

I was wearing George Gina & Lucy the collection is not yet in the shops(we love exclusive).A plethora of celebrities were in attendance. The people organising were very friendly and professional.Tod´s Classic Italian leather ware.You simply cannot go wrong,because fashion at the end of the day is what remains in your closet not what you throw away.

Loved the goody bag very urban very modern how fierce is that a Tod´s usb stick.

Update: From left to right. Tod’s Frankfurt,Katja Flint, Alessandro de Medici.

Bottom left:Marc Deckenbrock, Sabine Spieler. Thomas Anders, Katja Flint

Mr Edward Bellen.

Asides from my self when I think driving coat white silk scarf, calf skin leather gloves beige, a picnic basket, vintage Jaguar bottle green of course sitting at a traffic light checking the address of Brioni, on his mounted iPhone. Only one person comes to mind and that would be Mr Edward Bellen.

As if in a time gone by, the Rote bar presents its self with a serene understatement, that makes a statement.Never a voice raised, as a gentleman should .Its not everyday that one sits surrounded by artifacts of a by gone, but ever present era. The chatter of Oscar Wilde is easily imagined as is the restless travels of Alexander Von Humboldt.

Mr Edwards quest is for the perfection of manners,the appreciation of style and a desire to keep learning without falling into the trappings of the of the so called freedoms of the modern world.In the world Of Mr Edward,a bar should be a collection of cuture, social learning with the combintion of artists to keep the sanity of the that which we call our world.