As most of you know I have a big problem with many people attaching the prefix DJ to their name and not be deserving.

In German there is a great name for such individuals schallplattenaufleger (basically someone who really should be sleeping) .

However  this here is one mother of a DJ console. Smithson Martin are a software developing company.With a concentration on DJing. This is their first product, which can be used on any Tablet PC or multi-touch tables  Evoluce comes to mind.

One can buy the software or both software and the multi-touch table as seen in the video following.

Schalplattenaufleger need not apply.

Source: flylyf

„Emulator“ weiterlesen

Beats by Dre

Dr Dre has a new set of head sets out. For those in the need of something big… and flashy. These are 24  carat gold-plated magnificence made by the  company Crystal Rocked.  Children of the revolution only 50  of these will be made, ten of which will be sold exclusively in Harrods London.

Price: 2.500 Dollars.

Source: lostinasupermarket.com

München 2010

So  I was in München this past weekend, seems like I am always there in winter.   I like to take a quick look at the windows as I find that München is one of the only places in Germany that will give you a good window, this time I was a bit disappointed. The only place of  note was dare I say it Hallhuber.

Right so went to a quaint cafe called  Tambosi am Hofgarten, well worth a visit if you are in town. Took a brief look at what the gay bars had to offer. I ended up chatting with someone from England that was there selling mince pies. he recommended a place called Jennifer Parks. FAB.

The following day I visited a friend of mine Cambis from Pool. (Only the best fashion house in München). He just happened to have a party that night  in Cafe beer (which happened to be around the corner from the hotel), featuring Miss MaDeevah. Fate I say.

It’s not normal but I had a great time in that strange accent town. Thanks to Mr Rónán Ó Braonáin who picked me up in a ridiculously funky white BMW, that by the way did a lot of things when you  placed your hand on handle.

Photo:  Mr Cambis. in Cafe Beer.