Great quaint little cafe in Frankfurt called GUTDING (loose translation good thing). Now this is one of the only places where I can recommend as a  sandwich place in Frankfurt ( He offers other things) .

He being,  Hal the proprietor has created an excellent niche, which could be placed in any metropolis.

Also he does not have that nasty pickle (sauer Gurke) lurking in your sandwich

Address : GUTDING  Sandweg 10 60316 Frankfurt  Tel: 0178 5590995

‘Party’ Slipper

This is what should be in the wardrobe of anyone that calls himself a gentleman. I by the way do not call myself a gentlemen, I will once I visit my sister and go skipping to Salvatore Ferragamo. After which I will  leave the store looking like the Gentleman but felling like Dorothy. Ooh.

Source: The shoe buff.

Shooting Companion.

Just the thing one needs for the fashionably stroll in the park. Designed by Viscount Linley Son of the late Princess Margaret. As you can surmise this little drinking accessory , holds all that one, can need for a little bit of indulgence.

Price  A little over 4.000Euros.

Source: lostinasupermarket

München 2010

So  I was in München this past weekend, seems like I am always there in winter.   I like to take a quick look at the windows as I find that München is one of the only places in Germany that will give you a good window, this time I was a bit disappointed. The only place of  note was dare I say it Hallhuber.

Right so went to a quaint cafe called  Tambosi am Hofgarten, well worth a visit if you are in town. Took a brief look at what the gay bars had to offer. I ended up chatting with someone from England that was there selling mince pies. he recommended a place called Jennifer Parks. FAB.

The following day I visited a friend of mine Cambis from Pool. (Only the best fashion house in München). He just happened to have a party that night  in Cafe beer (which happened to be around the corner from the hotel), featuring Miss MaDeevah. Fate I say.

It’s not normal but I had a great time in that strange accent town. Thanks to Mr Rónán Ó Braonáin who picked me up in a ridiculously funky white BMW, that by the way did a lot of things when you  placed your hand on handle.

Photo:  Mr Cambis. in Cafe Beer.

Boucheron Femme 2010.

Okay now Boucheron together with Baccarat, have teamed up to produce this eye popping fragrance. It is not just the fragrance which has ‚ hints of amber, mandarin and Italian bergamot, galbanum and basil, finished with a pulp of apricots and golden vanilla.‘

( Got to love those descriptions, as I am sure only Patrick Süskind would be able to tell if the description above was correct.) I’m still concentrating on the bottle, I’m sure I could wear it. Which by the way is made up  of a ring eighteen karat gold worth, and features forty diamonds and twenty four sapphires.

Price Not a clue.

Source: sybarites