Sullivan Frankfurt.

Sullivan Bar is one of my favourite bars in Frankfurt at the moment. Very hushed subtly  stylish. I wanted to try the White Mama (wine), but she was out of stock. They also have a smoking lounge on the second floor complete with pool table (could be billiards I do not have a clue). BLTM was without a doubt one of the best I have tasted in a while. Visit if you want to get away from those people that think they are cool.  Like that horrible Gekko’s bar in the Hilton Frankfurt.

Photo: Ernst Stratmann

Burger Baby.

Tthere is a new burger place in town. Just off Burgerstrasse. I had the pleasure of dropping by, and was pleasantly surprised. If you are looking for the typical 0815 (German slang means unoriginal) Frankfurt bar which is always with aquarium windows,leather chairs and some poor excuse for music, this is thankfully not the place. It is what it is  a BURGER place.

You have your choices of topping, from Avocado to cheddar cheese. For a full list I would suggest you take a look live. Interior is kept simple I know even for me sometimes less is more.

Address : Höhenstraße 24  60385 Frankfurt, Germany   +4969 15343272

Bianchi Bike helmet by Gucci.

Bianchi has teamed up with  Gucci to create this rather fashionable head wear for your bicycle. Notice the company namesake colours caressing the, the uppermost part  of said head wear.

I would be tempted to take up the sport but I am rather lacking in the coordination department.

Price 630.00 EUR

Source: lost in a supermarket

Jez Eaton.

As this week is the beginning of London Fashion week I thought it would be a good time to highlight a dear friend of mine Jez Eaton who caused a furor earlier this year with her fashion show, the theme being road kill. She has now opened a shop in Brighton with a fellow artist by the name of Jon Nott.

That is what I need for that  next opening in Frankfurt.Perfect for air kisses, FIERCE.

By the way are you sure that Mohawk was not meant for Lee????

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As most of you know I have a big problem with many people attaching the prefix DJ to their name and not be deserving.

In German there is a great name for such individuals schallplattenaufleger (basically someone who really should be sleeping) .

However  this here is one mother of a DJ console. Smithson Martin are a software developing company.With a concentration on DJing. This is their first product, which can be used on any Tablet PC or multi-touch tables  Evoluce comes to mind.

One can buy the software or both software and the multi-touch table as seen in the video following.

Schalplattenaufleger need not apply.

Source: flylyf

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