Rolls-Royce Ghost ‚Numero Uno‘

You know I do not have a clue about car’s so you will have to bear with me. Anyway if you want to read about the technical details then you are going do that your self. Because even if I wrote them I wouldn’t have a clue.

Any how look at this thing, maybe it is the British coming out in me but, this beast just lack’s the superficial elegance of a Roll’s. Hello, you people that made this.

A Roll’s was never made for the autobahn, rather for a quaint little Mapp and Lucia countryside town, where one drives, well around………., the corner.

The beast!  €450,000. Right.

Source: James list

Hitler in the garden…

Artist Ottmar Hoerl posed the gnomes in the historic central marketplace of Straubing, a town in southeastern Germany, on Wednesday. The exhibit called „dance with the devil“ is to run through Oct. 19.

His reason Hoerl says: „the fascist idea, the striving to manipulate people or dictate to people … is latently dangerous and remains present in our society.“

Source: New York Post.