Moet & Chandon Bar Boy

For when you are having that fierce moment, this special edition Moet & Chandon Bar Boy version, ( the original was created by Verner Panton 1963) comes complete with vintage Champagne, leather interior,  specially designed flutes and  can sink the temperature of your Champagne  to 10 degrees in 15 min.

Price, just over 3500 Euros.

Source : Sybarites

Boucheron Femme 2010.

Okay now Boucheron together with Baccarat, have teamed up to produce this eye popping fragrance. It is not just the fragrance which has ‚ hints of amber, mandarin and Italian bergamot, galbanum and basil, finished with a pulp of apricots and golden vanilla.‘

( Got to love those descriptions, as I am sure only Patrick Süskind would be able to tell if the description above was correct.) I’m still concentrating on the bottle, I’m sure I could wear it. Which by the way is made up  of a ring eighteen karat gold worth, and features forty diamonds and twenty four sapphires.

Price Not a clue.

Source: sybarites

Panton reworked.

This year being 50 years since the creation of the classic Panton Chair .Jump Studios

were the winners of the competition. Vitra UK launched a campaign to find the best custom design, this is the result.

I personally find it way more interesting than the original.  Maybe because I have never really understood plastic chairs, moreover in Frankfurt any new shop, bar, office that would like to look modern just has to have  at least one Panton Chair. Boring.

Source: lostinasupermarket