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Turn on the lights.

Philips has introduced a new form of lighting, using OLED’S (organic light-emitting diode). This interesting use, can be used in the window panels substituting the use for overhead lighting.
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Source:  Dezeen Magazine

urban society Frankfurt am Main

Dyson AM04.

Dyson as usual has come up with a unconventional heater, one without visible fans. Promising to heat the room quickly. This heater is cool to touch and will automatically turn it’s self off if knocked over.

Price circa, 290 Euros.

urban society Frankfurt am Main

Plano Acquario shower.

Designed by Giulio Gianturco and Mario Tessarollo for Cesena, Just that you can fantasies being somewhere else.

urban society Frankfurt am Main


Now this is some serious luggage. No longer does one have to worry about skanky towels, and shower gels that remove any oil producing cells that you had. I am not even going to mention that thing in the corner masquerading as moisturizer.

T.T.Trunks have made it possible for you just to wheel your spa with you. That my dear’s is FIERCE.

urban society Frankfurt am Main

The Heretic by Autum.

I always thought to my self why would I want a coffin. That is really throwing money away, besides they will dig you up soon and make way for a new mall.

However this is what I call useful. Created from an 18 Gauge, Steel Coffin, and tirelessly hand made by Autum.

This is a sexy sofa, and one which earns the title Urban

Price: circa, 3,300 Euros.

urban society Frankfurt am Main

Speyside 1200

Designed to store your favorite bottles of vodka and the like. By Jonas Lindvall, for de nord.  The sideboard then slides to close. FAB.

urban society Frankfurt am Main

Swarowski Sparkle Shady

This FAB, chandelier was created by the Spanish designer Jamie Hayon Just in case you want to have that disco feeling in a more grown up way.

By request only. Prices start from 800 Euros.

urban society Frankfurt am Main

Bang & Olufsen Beosound.

Got to admit quite nifty, speakers that are able to dock with an iPad, Pod,Phone whilst maintaining that minimalistic look which Apple lovers covet. Available from Band & Olufsen, just in time for the holidays.

Source : The Awesomer.

urban society Frankfurt am Main

Sandra Ackermann

(die wirklichkeit ist nicht die wahrheit :: 2006)

Miss Ackermann will be presenting her new works in Dusseldorf at the Galerie Voss. The title being ‘I look inside you‘. For those fashion lovers this looks like something that should adorn your walls.

Exhibition: October 15th -November 27 2010

Mühlengasse 3
40213 Duesseldorf, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)211 134982
Fax: +49 (0)211 133400
Tue-Fri 10am – 6.00pm
Sat 11am – 2pm

urban society Frankfurt am Main