Jez Eaton.

As this week is the beginning of London Fashion week I thought it would be a good time to highlight a dear friend of mine Jez Eaton who caused a furor earlier this year with her fashion show, the theme being road kill. She has now opened a shop in Brighton with a fellow artist by the name of Jon Nott.

That is what I need for that  next opening in Frankfurt.Perfect for air kisses, FIERCE.

By the way are you sure that Mohawk was not meant for Lee????

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HTC Titan.

I am not sure what your feelings are about this however ‚bigger is better‘ seems to be the trend these days in the smartphone arena. I personally like big things, something that you can get a firm grip on, and manipulate it to do things things that you want with some unexpected surprises

The Specs should leave even the most sceptically amongst you drooling.

Just got word from O2 that this baby will be dropping in Germany the end of September which should coincide with the launch in the Netherlands. that is  slated for October 4th.

I will give a full review once I get my manicured fingers on my latest desire.

Video after the jump.

HTC Beats by Dr Dre.

HTC has partnered with Beats by Dr Dre buying 51 % stakes in the company. Reason being they could sell their mobile devices with premium headphones. That means they can be used as headphones and headset for calls. FAB.

This baby is wireless. (I don’t know about you but I have never understood why my cable looks like the spaghetti junction after being in my purse).

More details to come soon.

As some creature stole my other ones I will have to get these to accompany my Phone upgrade the HTC Titan (review coming soon)

Source : htcinside


As most of you know I have a big problem with many people attaching the prefix DJ to their name and not be deserving.

In German there is a great name for such individuals schallplattenaufleger (basically someone who really should be sleeping) .

However  this here is one mother of a DJ console. Smithson Martin are a software developing company.With a concentration on DJing. This is their first product, which can be used on any Tablet PC or multi-touch tables  Evoluce comes to mind.

One can buy the software or both software and the multi-touch table as seen in the video following.

Schalplattenaufleger need not apply.

Source: flylyf

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Samsung Galaxy Note.

Yes that is a stylus that you see there. As we all know by now sometimes it would be good to just jot down a note or highlight something. The Galaxy Note is between a tablet and a smartphone in size.  When I come to think about it I spend more time using my phone on the net than I do phoning. Great for entertainment purposes.

I will wager this will be good for those that travel a lot or commute where a small size screen can start to wear on the eyes.

Highlights: 1.4ghz dual core processor (means damn fast).

5.3 inch screen (we like big things)

8 mega pixel camera

2 mega pixel Front facing camera. For web calls. Now you have to get dressed to answer the phone.

Operating system Android 3.2  known as Honeycomb.

The Brooklyn Circus Felt Porkpie Hats

May I say that I love The Brooklyn Circus they have a style that is unmatched effortlessly  blending yesterday with today. Theirs is a multicultural mix in a world as it should be. Hats off

Video after the jump.

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