Beats by Dre

Dr Dre has a new set of head sets out. For those in the need of something big… and flashy. These are 24  carat gold-plated magnificence made by the  company Crystal Rocked.  Children of the revolution only 50  of these will be made, ten of which will be sold exclusively in Harrods London.

Price: 2.500 Dollars.



CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Whilst I could easily, and with obvious good reason, burst into a full-on hyperbolic harangue expounding upon the virtues of the storied Cartier firm, their luxury goods and, with all due deference to this particular post, the Santos-Dumont model, I will refrain from going ape shit and simply say for the record that this watch is a perfect example of „Heroin Chic“.

I could not have quoted this better myself. Additionally the strap is Alligator black.

source: Sybarites. Thisislivestyle

Price: A lot.