SANSOVINO 6 SS 2011 preview.

Mr E.Buchanan is pushing us to redefine our understanding of jeans and knit wear. I think I will coin a new term. ‚Chic Bohemian.‘ (CB)

In his words „My pool of inspiration is wide. In style what is integral for me is personality. The street.“

Photo Diego Fuga,

Models Ciro. Debra Shaw.

Source: Marcelo Burlon Enterprise


Now this is some serious luggage. No longer does one have to worry about skanky towels, and shower gels that remove any oil producing cells that you had. I am not even going to mention that thing in the corner masquerading as moisturizer.

T.T.Trunks have made it possible for you just to wheel your spa with you. That my dear’s is FIERCE.

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Tablet

This Fujitsu seems to be packing quite the punch, it has: Intel Z670 Oak Trail processor,2 Gigs of RAM,True Multitasking. Front and Rear cameras

Removable battery.Flash support. USB ports. Active Digitizer with handwriting recognition. Fingerprint swipe

HDMI output, 10 hours work time. ( The usual 3G and WiFi).

It will go on sale after CeBit , Hanover Germany, Video after the jump.

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Cheeming Boey.

That is what I call some serious doodling. Cheeming Boey Makes use of a material which is a) synonymous  with coffee and b) throw away. He instead decides to draw on them creating these master pieces.

Born in Born in Malaysia, Studied in Singapore,then  worked in Thailand and finally  San Francisco, where he majored in animation.

Prices range from 150-480Dollars.