The Benarrow PB5

What started out as a dream became a reality when Mr Bernd Benninghoven, in celebrating his companys 100th birthday, decided he would like to mark the occasion by making his dream sports car. ( as that is what one does)

This feat was developed at the University of Coventry,then manufactured in Englang and Germany. The  Benarrow the PB 5 is based on the Audi S5

I will not get into the spec as I have no idea what I am talking about. They have already sold three and plan on making 2 per month.

I would like to add that this car shows you what a good old fashioned hand job can produce these days.

Price: Well over 200,000 Euros

René Gruau

Rene Gruau was a Fashion  illustrator that captured the spirit of Christian Dior, before photography would replace the art for ever. Only a few have been able to shine through the new medium notably Antoinio Lopez, then Alvaro.

That my dears is what I would call lounging.

Dior Illustrated: René Gruau’s Line of Beauty‘ is at Somerset House from November 10 to January 9. London. England.

Hermes Leather Motorbike

There seem to be a lot of people lusting after this chunk of metal encased in Hermes leather throbbing between their legs. Exhibited last week at the 2011 Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne, Germany. Yamaha in collaboration with Hermes produced this one off beast that will I am sure have a lot of heart beats fluttering in it’s wake.

Source: James List

Vogue Hommes Japan

Vogue Hommes Japan which started in 2008 has come a long way to being the most cutting edge in the presentation of Men’s Fashion. They have now digitized this issue in collaboration with Christian Dior.

(They were also responsible for putting Miss CaCa on the cover in meat, glad I missed it). But this is good.

Source Lost in a supermarket.

Moet & Chandon Bar Boy

For when you are having that fierce moment, this special edition Moet & Chandon Bar Boy version, ( the original was created by Verner Panton 1963) comes complete with vintage Champagne, leather interior,  specially designed flutes and  can sink the temperature of your Champagne  to 10 degrees in 15 min.

Price, just over 3500 Euros.

Source : Sybarites