Dior Homme

Seems to be a perfume day. This video starring Jude Law, was directed by Guy Richie for Christian Dior Homme.

Again the descriptions crack me up, ‚powdery woody floral, luxurious and resolutely masculine : a new generation classic.‘ I am still trying to visualize, powdery  woody.

Source : Creative Criminals

Boucheron Femme 2010.

Okay now Boucheron together with Baccarat, have teamed up to produce this eye popping fragrance. It is not just the fragrance which has ‚ hints of amber, mandarin and Italian bergamot, galbanum and basil, finished with a pulp of apricots and golden vanilla.‘

( Got to love those descriptions, as I am sure only Patrick Süskind would be able to tell if the description above was correct.) I’m still concentrating on the bottle, I’m sure I could wear it. Which by the way is made up  of a ring eighteen karat gold worth, and features forty diamonds and twenty four sapphires.

Price Not a clue.

Source: sybarites