This is all I could find on this bike  but a link is provided if you would like more info.The bike was originally built by O. Ray Courtney in 1936 and is based on a 1930 K.J Henderson bike.

This is something my friend Dag would say whilst convincing me to get on it, “ it matches you riding boots“ FAB. I do have the outfit.

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Mirko Reisser was born in Lüneburg, Germany in 1971 and studied fine-arts at Schule für Gestaltung, Lucerne, Switzerland. Together with other international graffiti-artists he created the highest graffiti in the world. DAIM has become one of the most famous and sought-after graffiti artists in the world, even having earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. (

Would make a great print for a scarf.

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