Crystal bathtub.

This is one for all you crystal shakers out there. It was craved out of a single chunk of crystal found in the Amazonian rainforest. The bath took 6 months to carve.

An Italian firm Baldi takes responsibility for this I have to say it again chunk of crystal. The only thing that is missing are incense, a red dot on your forehead and some reruns of absolutely fabulous.

Price : approx 600,000 Euro’s

My photo shop is not working as I would have gotten rid of those nasty lights.

We love cupcakes.

fankfurt june 086 fankfurt june 090

Lets face it even though I live in Frankfurt one really has to hunt to find things of interest. So after visiting Städel,  ( I was having my cultural moment, well truth be told I was with some students having a beer in the back) I almost missed this little gem. It was the apron in the window and the grandmother curtains that did it for me. Service  FAB, I know I am still in shock, suffice to say, we LOVE cupcakes.

Gartenstrasse 35

60596 Frankfurt

West Germany.

Tel: (0)69 1534 9551

iPad case.

Hot on the heals of Apples iPad launch, a plethora of cases have arrived to shield it’s precious cargo. Only one has caught my eye. Salvatore Ferragamo, I think that I really just like to say the name. They come in all sorts of colours. It kind of has that man purse look to it. Maybe that is why I like it.

Source: Luxuo

Price: 290-390 Dollars.

Mercede-Benz Fashion week Berlin 2010.


I don’t have a drivers license so the car is of little interest, but that HAT, oohh sigh.

Update: Calvin Klein has confirmed to  present Their new collection.Diane KrugerLara Stone and Kellan Lutz, will also be in attendance.

Press Release.

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet, Milla Jovovich, Miles Aldridge and Philip Treacy have created a remarkable key visual campaign – an expressive and colourful interpretation of modern life and personal taste – “Express your style”.

The new campaign theme will premier at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin from July 7-10, 2010.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Campaign
Mercedes-Benz currently supports fashion events in 30 countries on every continent. In addition to Berlin, New York, London, Milan and Paris, the German luxury brand has been continually present at exclusive fashion platforms in other major international cities. These include Mexico City, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Buenos Aires.


airbus a380.


Right so someone from the Middle East has commissioned  Designq and Case4de to produce this Machine.

Included will be a Turkish bath a spa  an elevator which takes the owner from the private suite down onto the tarmac ( awaiting  Motorcade of course). Five king sized beds, and 20 first class beds, for the other people.  (I guess guest list is out of the question then.)

Source. DailyMail

price 482.million Dollars.